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Proven Outcomes from New Story

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Success Story

Proven Outcomes from New Story

The field operations team at New Story uses Felix daily and has seen firsthand how it has improved outcomes of their work across Latin America. Felix has positively influenced their impact by: 

  • Decreasing data complexity
  • Increasing data velocity
  • Reducing the cost of operations
  • Increasing data quality

Decreased Data Complexity

Felix can bring more:

  • Efficient processes
  • Data transparency across distributed teams
  • Standardization of data across regions
  • Centralization of data to build a single source of truth.

Increased Data Velocity

With Felix, New Story’s data velocity (the speed at which we can capture data and then view the analysis) has gone from 3-6 months to 1 week. Their teams can log in, view the survey data obtained today, see the visualizations, and make faster data-backed decisions.

Decreased Cost of Operations

With Felix, New Story has saved money and thousands of hours by eliminating data entry, cleaning, or transformations. They have confidence in the processes and resulting data, giving freedom to the Field Ops team to do their best and most important work.

Increased Data Quality

Whether collecting data via Felix’s mobile tool, via SMS, or phone, we know our data is high quality — reliable, organized, and complete.