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Web, Android, and iOS data collection

Collect critical
data quickly
and easily.

Felix allows you to build your custom survey, collect data via web, Android,
and Apple/iOS platforms, and see your impact in real-time.

Save Time & Collect Data

Gather the most important information quickly and efficiently via web forms, Android, and iOS/Apple devices (with or without an internet connection).

Report Rapidly

View and understand your data in real-time to identify problems, opportunities, and impact.

Increase Your Impact

Track change over time without having to export data into unorganized spreadsheets.

Used by impact organizations big and small

“The user-friendly survey app made it possible to collect and share family data easily in order to accomplish the important goal of supporting families during this time.”
— Meredith from Friends of Refugees

Decrease Data Complexity

Decrease data complexity through clearer processes and data transparency across distributed teams, standardization of data across regions, and centralization of data.

Months to Days

Increase data velocity (the speed at which data is captured and analyzed) from months to days. Login and view the data captured today, with visualizations, and make data-backed decisions.

Eliminate Data Clean Up

Save thousands of hours (and dollars) by eliminating data entry, cleaning, and transformations. Do your best, most important work with more confidence.

Increase Data Quality

Whether collecting data via Felix’s mobile tool or web trust that your data is high quality—consistent, organized, and complete. It's about improving outcomes, not just tracking outputs.

“Felix allows us to see the data across all surveys with one log-in. Other applications keep our questionnaires siloed and you have to set permissions for each.”

-Pedro, Fundación Mundo Maya

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