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Increase your nonprofit’s impact

Measure What Matters

Moving away from untracked or paper-based surveying, your team can reliably create data, store it safely to track trends and impact over time, connect data directly to recipients and creators — all while standardizing your processes.

Trusted Tools and Services

A combination of powerful software and helpful services, Felix delivers reliable data about the individuals you serve.

Personalized Onboarding

The Felix team helps upload all surveys, gives suggestions to better capture your data, and trains all users—all your team has to do is get to work.

Collect Reliable Data

Our offline-first mobile app and web submissions will help you meet your aid recipients where they are. Capture data using our app or send a magic link via WhatsApp, SMS text, or email.

Real-time Analysis

Analyze data in real-time, upon receipt of surveys, to identify opportunities to serve and improve current aid. Track the life change of aid recipients to report impact to stakeholders.

Human-centered Support

Our bilingual support team is available to answer any questions and resolve issues via WhatsApp or SMS text. You'll have access to our bilingual Help Center and FAQ.
“Felix helped me connect with families more deeply as I’m not keeping track of papers and forms while talking to them.”

 Shelter Canada lead Jenny Avalos, a nonprofit housing organization that works in El Salvador.

Why Felix

Get data from surveys in an instant to share with your donors

Automatic reporting on trends makes it easy to monitor impact and to share insights with stakeholders. Made to work online, offline, wherever and whenever you need it.
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