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How Felix’s New Filters Make Your Reporting More Powerful

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How Felix’s New Filters Make Your Reporting More Powerful

The Felix tech team has been working hard to add features that improve the new dashboard and make Felix more powerful. We want you to have easy access to metrics and trends within the communities you serve. 

We are introducing our new enhanced filtering for reports and exports. 

As you collect data across different communities, we want to enable you to get as granular with your reports as possible to make effective decisions within your organization. 

Filtered reports within a survey

You can filter your survey submissions by the community, by a surveyor, by date completed, or all of them at once to capture the report you need. When you’re done, you can click on ‘Export Filtered Results.’

Once the report is ready, Felix will send you an email to download the .csv report. The survey report includes family data, custom field data, and submission data. 

Filtered reports at every recipient level

You can also filter by a survey, community, and/or date and export reports at the community, family and family member levels (or within the hierarchy levels for your organization. This will give you a report with only recipient-related custom field data.

We will be adding more filtering capabilities for reports in the coming months. We want you to be able to see your collected data at anytime and measure your impact within your communities — all in one spot.

Please reach out if you have any questions about reports, we’re here to help.

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