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Meet Felix

Product Features

Meet Felix

Understanding the people you serve can increase your impact tenfold. We’ve seen it first-hand at New Story, with our own housing projects across Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Since 2018, our surveying tool has grown with every piece of feedback that you have given us. We wanted to build a user-friendly, dependable tool that fits in your pocket. Simplifying data collection means you can concentrate on what matters most—the family in front of you. 

We can’t stop there. We want to do more to lighten the load and help you increase your impact. To serve you better and support your unique work, we had to shake off our old identity for one that better represents our impact-driven mission. Today, our data collection and analysis tool has the same impact but with a new face.

Meet Felix. 

Powered by the New Story team, Felix builds on a strong foundation of experience to help you continue reliably collecting data and accessing real-time, actionable insights to keep your team informed of your impact. Our app and dashboard remain similar in function but have a new look for your team to visualize your impact better and understand your project’s outcomes better.

  • A new look for our web dashboard that makes your data beautiful, including mapping
  • Improved invites and permissions to make insights more accessible and keep your entire team on the same
  • Side-by-side comparison of data for communities (coming soon)

Our journey began as a home building organization with surveying pain points just like you. We’re excited to watch Felix help more organizations around the world understand their data and impact.

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