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Housing Organizations Increasing Their Impact with Felix

Success Story

Housing Organizations Increasing Their Impact with Felix

Aside from New Story’s direct application of the tool, Felix has been used by dozens of other housing organizations. These organizations include The Federal Housing Department of El Salvador, Shelter Canada, EPIC Homes Malaysia, and Échale a Tu Casa.

Federal Housing Department of El Salvador 

In the Summer of 2019, the Federal Housing Department of El Salvador (The Ministry of Housing) began using Felix to collect data about upcoming communities they serve. 

One of those communities is El Espino, a community evicted from their lands. With Felix, a Lean Participatory Design workshop, and our partner (Gente Ayudando Gente) discovered the primary needs of the community.

This surveying would typically take six to eight weeks. With Felix, it only took four days and instant data visualization of the need in Surf City. Over the next 5 years, they intend to directly build 22,000 homes using Felix as their data collection and analysis system.

Shelter Canada

Shelter Canada is a non-profit housing organization in El Salvador. Initially, they used pen and paper to perform their surveys, but after onboarding with Felix, they’ve been able to survey over 250 families. Our ongoing support has helped find gaps in productivity when it comes to their data. 

“Felix helped me connect with families more deeply as I’m not keeping track of papers and forms while talking to them,” says Shelter Canada lead Jenny Avalos

Malaysia’s EPIC Homes

Malaysia’s EPIC Homes is a non-profit housing organization currently helping the underprivileged community of the Orang Asli. They have built more than 150 homes and used Felix for their intake housing survey.

“It’s wonderful to hear that the app now includes all these features! Thank you for the hard work and listening to some of our feedback. We’re excited to test these new features out,” says EPIC Homes’ Farah Ramlee.

Échale a Tu Casa

Échale a Tu Casa is Mexico’s largest housing organization has been a reliable partner through many projects in Mexico, including our 3D-home community. Most recently, they’ve been using Felix to complete 567 surveys. Their team leader, Patty, called it intuitive and easy to use. She said she felt confident in using the app in front of families.

“Before it took us two hours to survey a single family, without even putting all the data in excel. But now with the app we complete surveys in 30 minutes and all our data syncs automatically. It’s a game changer,” says Gretel Uribe, Échale a Tu Casa, Mexico