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Meet a Felix Customer: Panama’s Government Representatives

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Success Story

Meet a Felix Customer: Panama’s Government Representatives

Using data to propose new policies and secure funding opportunities can seem like a challenging task for public service organizations and nonprofits. It is common for public officials to struggle with finding new ways to introduce data-driven insights and solutions into their work.

Our work in Panama focuses on how Felix can help local government representatives impact their constituents’ lives through community engagement and data-driven strategies. This initiative is led by New Story’s Central America Partnership Lead, Ignacio Hernandez de Leon.

Ignacio and his team work with Panamanian representatives to collect survey data from their constituents to understand the problems within their communities better.

You can read our case study about one of the representatives, Alexis Higuera, and his success using Felix in his sector in Panama

In the past, many officials have focused and invested in less impactful ways for residents, like building a soccer field instead of solving issues with water access or trash collection. 

Not unique to Panama, there seems to be a disconnection between elected officials and constituents and an absence of a high-level understanding of communities’ needs.

Using Data to Meet Community Needs

Before Felix, the representatives in Panama would use outdated data or no data to make decisions. With Felix, they have access to real-time survey data as captured by Ignacio and his team after becoming paying clients.  

In one project, Ignacio and his team were able to survey hundreds of residents within a specific community using Felix. Thanks to short surveys and our instant data analysis dashboard, we were able to analyze the survey submissions, create one-pagers with focused visualizations, and immediately see the community’s water service gap. 

The rep was able to present this evidence during a town hall to gain more funding and cooperation from the community.

One of the reports Felix helped build for the Panamanian representatives

A Genuine Focus on Relationship-Building

When you onboard with Felix as representative, the process goes like this:

  • You’ll have a live demonstration of Felix, including the dashboard, mobile app, and web submissions.
  • We’ll put together a pricing package for you. Once signed, we’ll get started.
  • If you’re a rep and need volunteers to help survey residents, we can arrange this for you.
  • Once the community is surveyed, we’ll put together the data in a series of one-pagers based on six short surveys we’ve designed.
  • We’ll help you understand the data so you can put it to work.
  • You’ll present this evidence at your next town meeting and move forward with the right project for your community.

Over 25 elected representatives in Panama are in line to use Felix to survey their constituents, visualize the gaps in the community, and learn more about their exact needs through reliable survey data.

Felix is accessible to all ages and education levels, thanks to its user-friendly interface and language capabilities. Felix continues to help build more public trust through transparency and aiming to bring about positive change to local communities in Panama.

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