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Case Study: Panama’s Corregimiento de Nueva Providencia

Success Story

Case Study: Panama’s Corregimiento de Nueva Providencia

New Story expanded its work in Panama through working with local government representatives.

In this case study we will go over our work with Representative Alexis Higuera, based in the Corregimiento of Nueva Providencia in the province of Colón, who needed to get to know his constituents.  

Our Strategic Partnership Associate, Ignacio Hernandez de León, started going to town halls and met Mr. Higuera. At the time, Mr. Higuera did not have access to any data on his community or constituents, leading to misallocation of government funds.  

How Felix Fixed the Data Gap

Local government processes often lack accessible and dependable tools to gain insights about the community’s necessities.

That’s where Felix comes in. New Story introduced Mr. Higuera to Felix, our data collection and analysis tool to get to know his constituents, increase his long-term impact in the community, and potentially build a legacy project to increase the community’s quality of life. 

Mr. Higuera, with the help of the New Story team, was able to pinpoint resource gaps in the community after surveying hundreds of constituents.

First, our offline-first mobile app allowed the New Story team to survey in areas of Nueva Providencia without reliable signal with no issues. Short surveys focused on water, trash, security, education, and other topics allowed quick capture of data without survey fatigue.

Getting to Know Nueva Providencia

Once Ignacio and his team returned home, he was able to sync all surveys over Wi-Fi. Our dashboard provided Ignacio with instant data analysis and he was able to quickly alert Mr. Higuera of the immediate needs of the community.

The Felix Dashboard and its instant analysis report

The data was clear — the community of Nueva Providencia needed access to more water. Local residents only had access to water about once a week, with an average walk time of 35 minutes to the closest well. 

Based on survey responses, there was no guarantee about how good the water quality was to drink at that specific well. Ignacio was able to flag this data and visualize it on a one-pager with graphs. 

A quick snapshot of Nueva Providencia’s water issues, shared on a one-pager

Thanks to Felix, Mr. Higuera, the regional director, and other public officials were able to see the current needs of their community in real-time and the importance of building a closer well or water system to the community.  

How Felix Helps Build Connections

Using Felix, Mr. Higuera was able to both form more meaningful relationships with local residents through understanding their needs and aim to improve the overall quality of life in the community. This has led to more conversations.

Mr. Higuera and Ignacio have hosted spaces for collective town hall meetings, cooperative brainstorming and constant communication with community members. Building trust through numbers and visualizations has helped make significant progress.

“For me, Felix has been fundamental to my work as representative. It allows me not only to know the problems of my district, but through Felix’s analysis, it allows me to see the percentages of people who have issues with water, health, and others at the community level,” says Mr. Higuera about Felix. “It allows me to bring data-driven solutions into my district.”

Today, the water project is in the works for development, having been approved by local, regional and national authorities. This success was made possible by utilizing Felix’s capabilities to offer precision, transparency, and a means for community participation. 

New Story’s collaboration with Mr. Higuera and his community is a wonderful example of the power of data-driven community work, as well as the insights that Felix can unfold.

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